Tesla Model S 4.2 update

The Tesla Model S 4.2 update arrived today.

It has minor fixes for the panoramic roof, windshield wiper, key and door handle function and minor bugs, as you can see in the screenshot:

4.2 update

Unfortunately doesn’t seem to include the bluetooth fixes I was waiting for. My Galaxy Nexus android phone still doesn’t sync up my call log.

It does remove the reduced power sleep mode, so my electric bill will increase slightly. I wonder how it will handle with 10 days of parking at the airport with no charge.

Upgrade process:

IMG_20130124_093109 IMG_20130124_093235


Update coming

Since I received the Tesla, my android galaxy nexus Bluetooth connection has been flaky.
My address book and call history haven’t fully synced. Voice connection has been mostly good, but today I had to reset the dash because Bluetooth was sick initializing.
The support rep said that a new firmware upgrade is coming in the next week or two that will help with Bluetooth issues and may have some new features.



As a geek, I could tell the panel needed a reboot. My FM radio wasn’t working, the external temperature was displaying —°, the turn signals weren’t making a noise and the controls for changing the suspension of the car were greyed out.
I called the excellent Tesla support at (866) 998-3752 and got the reboot instructions while in park.
Hold both rotating controls on steering wheel for 10 seconds to reboot central dash display.
Hold both buttons above those controls for 10 seconds to reboot driver display.
I did this and it solved my problems.